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Assembled with 

Original Design

High-qualiy at first sight

Puzzle to solve?

We believe in creating the perfect eye-catcher, something unique and individual. Made out of original drums, our Are & Be Café Tables are standing out. All of your friends will comment on them. Designed to not only bring rhythm and happiness to your home but to make every day and every home special. If you are a music lover, and if you are into creative flair, then the Are & Be Café Table is specifically designed for your home.

Assembled with 

Never out of style

The uniqueness of your home reflects your creativity.

Are you sick of poorly designed yet expensive cafe tables?

Well, not only models on the runway switch their outfits - so do our Are & Be Cafè Tables. They comprise three parts that are assembled with magnets. Accordingly, you determine how our product carries your personal touch. To switch up things from time to time, simply order one of the pieces in a different color et voilà: A new style, a new mood, a new Café Table. 

A second chance

Uplcycling with style

Do you love the environment and would do anything to protect animals?

Start with your café table, start now, or never! We believe that parquet floors deserve a second chance because it is the little things that can make a big difference. This way great design meets environmentally friendly resources. 

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Simple but Significant

Our Philosophy and Your Design

We are Vanessa & David. 

And guess what. We love music and design. We believe that the best homes have something to say about the people who live in them.

The Are & Be Café Table is our way of sharing that passion. 

Vanessa is obviously the eyecatcher. 

I believe to bring the rhythm. Together we create harmony which we want to spread with like-minded people. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work. So, join our creative community.

Let us entertain you.

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